Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Some More Comments Regarding Assignment 5 - Personal Project for Digital Photographic Practice

After receiving feedback from my tutor concerning my fifth assignment for Digital Photographic Practice, I felt it would make the project more complete if I was to address some points my tutor made.

   Firstly, I decided (after much debate) to make the pictures-within-the-pictures colour, while the 'main' photograph was in black and white for the fifth assignment. I did this for a reason that I thought made semantical sense and wasn't just an excuse to show off my post-processing skills (even though this was part of the criteria for the assignment brief). The reason was because if a person was daydreaming, the thing they were daydreaming of while at work would probably be more colourful in their mind than there immediate surroundings (represented in black and white).

   While I agree with my tutor that it wasn't a very subtle solution to drawing the viewer towards the picture-within-the-picture, I felt the picture-within-the-picture made the shots stand apart and made the viewer question why the picture-within-the-picture existed in the 'main' photograph.

   Another comment my tutor gave was asking whether 'my subjects' were personal to me. I had quite strictly adhered to calling them all 'my subjects' in each post! The only reason I hadn't called them by their real names/divulged any extra information about them was to keep them private. Also, I suppose because it was a 'personal project', me protecting their anonymity was in keeping with the project. However, I agree it would make the final photographs more comprehensive if I was to talk more about each subject.

   I would say they were indeed personal to me; all consisting of immediate family or close friends. I hadn't really thought about exploring the concept of my relationship with each 'subject' but I could see it as an interesting aspect of any portrait, which might make it more intimate.

   Lastly, I felt one idea my tutor had about how to present the work was interesting and similar to something I had actually thought of myself: namely presenting the picture-within-the-picture beside the 'main' photograph. I would have the picture-within-the-picture printed smaller but placed next to the 'main' photograph (as well as (still) being 'inside' the 'main' photograph).

   Therefore, I would say it is important to consider how I intend to present the project as a whole to back up what I would consider a strong idea and set of images.