Thursday, 10 January 2013

Processed photos for the first exercise/devised workflow

1. The first finaly selected image' image
For 1st work flow exercise it soon became obvious I was taking a lot of photos so I decided to add an extra step to my workflow - the deletion of obvious technical errors while at the shoot and the previewing of images on the computer via the memory card reader prior to copying these loosely edited images onto the computer. This was before subsequent more 'in-depth' editing. This worked well for me as I was able to form in my mind possible final selected images even at this early stage.

   As I started to review the photos I had captured during the portrait session on the computer it soon became clear it was necessary for me to further alter the workflow slightly. This was because I felt there were quite a few 'strong' useable images or as I labelled them in my altered workflow: 'maybes'.

2. The second finally selected image

3. The 1st 'maybe'

4. The 2nd 'maybe'
So I changed my workflow to reflect this with 2 stages of editing in the organiser on the computer: one stage to select the 'maybes' and process them, then another stage of looking at the processed 'maybes' and selecting the two final images from them. Having these processed 'maybes' saved as jpegs and looking at them closely enabled me to pick what I thought were the strongest couple of images. I decided to post the selected two at first with all the 'maybes' in this post at the end just so the reader/viewer could see my thought-processes/make their own mind up.

5. The 3rd 'maybe'
6. The 4th 'maybe'
7. The 5th 'maybe'

8. The 6th 'maybe'
As far as the portrait session went I felt I took a lot of 'strong' photographs in a limited amount of time (as the course instructed). I thought the variety of shots were good, with a range of angles and poses. Also the setting worked favourably for me; as the shoot progressed, I directed my model from out in the open to gradually under some of the trees in the park. The tree features helped me to change the composition of each shot easily later on in the shoot and since the light had begun to fade anyway, using a flash seemed a natural progression.

9. The 7th 'maybe
10. The 8th 'maybe'
As a side note I thought the creativity of the shots increased as the time went by, in particular with photograph 10. where my model was merely a small accent against the contrasting huge tree.

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