Friday, 20 September 2013

Photograph 4 - Assignment 3: Monochrome

Photograph 4 for Assignment 3: Monochrome
This photograph was based around Vermeer's 'A Woman Holding a Balance' - Vermeer (c.1622-1665). I followed the stance of the woman in Vermeer's painting and the lighting remained consistent with that painting too. I did however change the model to that of a young man, accompanied by contemporary clothing and using modern props. The most important prop for me was the weighing scales; replacing the balance in Vermeer's painting. Like Vermeer's painting I tried to place the balance/scales right in the middle of the frame. This stayed truthful to Vermeer's work and coincidentally helped partially to make the scales more prominent in the frame.

   I decided to ask my model to raise his head so his eyes were visible but otherwise the pose remained true. I did however replace the shawl the woman was wearing in 'A Woman Holding a Balance' with a hat because I felt it offered better realism for what would be worn today over the head.

   I was pleased with how similar my rendition was compared with Vermeer's in terms of lighting on the model's face, even though his head was facing up. In particular the shadows on the nose closely resembled Vermeer's painting.

   The 'imagination drawing' on the canvas worked well for me again, with the placement of the canvas especially making it stand out without looking too superficial. There was also in my eyes a connection between the model and his drawing; I put this down to where the eyes were looking: straight out of the window, with the drawing in between.

   I thought I used the frame well, with a host of available objects, so the viewer could infer he was making something using the weighing scales.

   Lastly, the exposure was quite high-key, which made a change from the Photographs 2 and 3 (which were more contrasty and low-key) but was similar to the slightly high-key Photograph 1.

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