Monday, 8 July 2013

Reflections After Assignment 2 for DPP - Seeing like your camera

Reflections After Assignment 2 for DPP - Seeing like your camera:

I tried to use my familiarity with my camera as well as the skills I'd learnt along the way towards the second assignment in order to produce aesthetically pleasing shots (because of their composition, lighting and sometimes colour.

   However, also, at the same time I was conscious of the need for creativity, which I tried to implement wherever possible. This meant coming up with ideas and then attempting to integrate them into my workflow. For example, using minimal dynamic range counter intuitively in a camera I'd found to have plenty, was an idea I thought up and applied to a situation (High Contrast Street Photography) as stringently as I could.

   I was overall pleased with my communication of ideas through my blog; there was for me, some transparency with regards to my ideas and how they were reflected in my photographs produced. This was aided by fairly coherent presentation, although there was probably room for improvement navigating around the blog.

   Lastly, I felt I could research more using specific techniques similar to mine, so I had more ideas of how to go about approaching a specific area of photography. For example, I found the 'Zone System' to be a bit of a revelation for landscape photography as can be seen in my Reflection upon Reflections set of photographs.

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