Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Final Choice

As suggested for exercise 4 I have further whittled down my selection to just two photographs, which I found to be the strongest out of the final selects. I eventually settled upon two quite contrasting photos for two contrasting reasons.

    The first photograph I chose (number 10 in the prior post) was one I was satisfied with mostly because of the lively facial expression. I was also pleased with the processing aspect (I hadn't properly previously tried to use a vignette to create a 'retro' look to a photo and I thought it was appropriate and well-employed (alongside the sepia tone) here.


   In contrast, the second photograph I chose (number 11 in the prior post) I included because it was the most creative image I produced. Again I was pleased with the processing aspect (the darkening of the highly-overexposed original raw file and the rotation of the image) but it was the unusual perspective that made me choose it as a final choice.

   My conclusion about this street photography project, carried out for both exercises 2 and 4 with the purpose of increasing my workflow skills, was that organisation was key in how efficiently I worked. I was left with the impression that there were some areas I could improve on regarding organisation but I managed to keep the project quite structured. This helped me as I could concentrate on taking the photos each day I went up to the city. This was important to me because I felt it was more beneficial to my photography if I could be taking the photographs on a fairly regular basis. Therefore I would aim to further improve my workflow in the assignment.

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