Monday, 18 March 2013

Reflections after Assignment 1 for DPP - Workflow

Reflections after Assignment 1 for DPP - Workflow:

Overall I learnt a lot about workflow in this first assignment and the work leading up to it. I would admit I was a bit 'rusty' in a couple of aspects regarding my visual skills like awareness and observation at the beginning of the exercises leading up to the assignment. I thought my photographic skills eventually grew in strength and by channelling my efforts and ideas into a particular theme for the assignment I was able to create a clearly defined project.

   I was pleased with the eventual presentation of work in terms of all the exercises being completed and the logical manner it was laid out. I also managed to stick to the majority of my devised workflows, which were detailed and so, in my opinion, showed discernment.

   I was satisfied that I was fairly creative in two important aspects. These were the photo-taking stage as well as the processing of the images after they had been taken. I was a bit unsure about how I would cope with being creative with the processing stage as my skills inside of Photohop were limited. However, I discovered looking at the strengths of the image before processing and hence processing mindful of these strengths gave me some impetus.

   I could improve on the amount of research I carried out but I was reading a lot of magazines, which were inspiring. I thought my reflection after each project was good, especially regarding the changes or improvements to the workflows.

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