Friday, 18 April 2014

Assignment 5: Daydreaming While at Work - Photograph 2

I repeated similar steps for the photograph (2a) within the 'main' photograph (2b) for this second shot. It was obvious to this subject that her child was what she naturally daydreamed of during work so I took a quite intimate shot of the two of them together.

Photograph 2a - the photograph within photograph 2b
   I then visited her workplace, along with the A3-sized printed photograph (2a). One nice touch was the use of spectacles in the 'main' photograph (2b), creating a business-like contrast, whereas the photograph within the photograph was more intimate and the lack of spectacles signified this. I also asked her to think of her time with her child in order to get a facial expression which reflected that. In terms of composition, I asked her to look upwards while smiling. This meant even though she was looking in the other direction, it seemed she was thinking of her time with her child (the representation of which was placed above her in the other direction - Photograph 2a).
Photograph 2b - the final photograph

   For the foreground, I included several beverages, which my subject said helped her to get through the day because they contained caffeine. I thought this 'filled out' the frame better, where it would have been quite bare otherwise. It also divulged a bit more information about her working day. I liked the way these foreground objects were placed so they led the eye to my subject; who in turn brought the computer and more importantly, in my opinion, Photograph 2a to the viewer's attention.

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