Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Summary of How This Fifth Assignment - Daydreaming While at Work Went

I was on the whole very pleased with the final body of work. I thought the choice of theme was good because it offered an interesting viewpoint and was quite simple to plan for since I was fairly sure each person I would photograph had something they would be daydreaming of ideally.

   One area I adapted significantly compared to with my original brief was the use of black and white. I did indeed convert most of the 'main' photographs into black and white but crucially kept the 'daydream' photographs within the photographs in colour. I realise this was quite a bold step to make, with the risk of the photographs becoming a bit 'gimmicky' but I felt it made semantic sense and fitted in well with the rhetoric I was trying to argue. I did experiment with fully black and white but decided against it after consideration.

   I was pleased with the consistent theme the photographs possessed together and, for the most part, the photographs-within-the-photographs served their purpose in my opinion; enabling the viewer to recognise the connection between the subject's work and what they'd be daydreaming about. I liked the fact the project was personal too because it allowed me to get some interesting expressions in both the initial photographs-within-photographs and the final 'main' photographs as I knew each person well.

   I was very pleased with the amount of creativity I was able to incorporate, both in terms of the main concept and how a lot of the photographs within photographs didn't look too out of place because they were placed imaginatively over flat surfaces in the 'main' scene or at least placed strategically well.

   I didn't have any qualms ethically about making most of each final image black and white and then painting colour back into the picture within the picture as it made a clear theme evident, was creative without being too 'gimmicky' in my opinion and was obvious to the viewer that it was intentional.

   There were however, some areas I wasn't wholly satisfied with. I was not so satisfied with the quality of some of the final images technically. This was because while using a tripod would have been ideal, it wasn't possible in a lot of the work scenes. Instead I used a high ISO value to compensate for most camera shake. This reduced the quality in some photographs. However, I felt the composition was strong in the photographs, if a little similar in some cases.

   Finally I was happy with my workflow, especially seeing as I could use the same repeating process for the whole set of photographs (apart form Photograph 10).

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