Friday, 18 April 2014

Assignment 5: Daydreaming While at Work - Photograph 4

I actually re-did this photograph because I wasn't happy with the first, resultant image (Original Photograph 4b). For me it looked too staged and unnatural, which in turn detracted from what I was trying to convey in this photograph for the assignment. Ultimately, I was much happier with the second version.

Photograph 4a - the photograph within photograph 4b
   I photographed my subject doing one of her favourite pastimes: gardening and I thought I captured a realistic portrayal of how she spent some of her free time. This incidentally also contrasted nicely with Photograph 4b, which was situated in a much more confined and oppressive environment.

Original Photograph 4b

Final Photograph 4b

   My subject was looking directly at Photograph 4a in the Final Photograph 4b, rather than at the camera (as in the Original Photograph 4b). This, combined with a more relaxed posture, made for a more captivating yet true photograph for me.

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