Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Proposed Personal Project - Assignment 5, Digital Photographic Practice - Daydreaming While at Work

I have managed to arrive at a concept for the final assignment for Digital Photographic Practice that is both feasible technically and poses what I thought was a pertinent question about society nowadays, specifically:

   What do people (in this case people personal to me) do in their own workplace when they're not working, which they would find desirable to do outside of the workplace? In other words, what do these people daydream of when they should be working?

   The reason I thought this question was pertinent was because I was aware that people's minds wander when they shouldn't and particularly nowadays, when there is so much to do outside of the workplace, this would be particularly relevant. In my experience at least, there is usually something most people would prefer to be doing and I intended to capture a person in their working environment, daydreaming of their ideal way of spending time.

   I aimed to accomplish this by including 'graphic marks on a flat piece of paper' - Bate (2009), which would be a photograph, within the 'main' frame. This flat picture within a picture would aim to serve the purpose to 'signify a 'reality'' - Bate (2009); namely to show what the person in the 'main' photograph was daydreaming of at the time.

   In order to make the picture-within-the-picture 'fit in' better, I would endeavour to use pre-existing flat surfaces and use these to place the picture-within-the-picture over or amidst, where possible . Also I would probably convert the images to black and white to keep a sense of realism, if I felt it made the picture within the picture 'belong' with the rest of the scene.

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