Friday, 18 April 2014

Assignment 5: Daydreaming While at Work - Photograph 3

For the initial 'pre-shot' - Photograph 3a, I captured a moment that candidly depicted my subject playing in a band, which was the natural, semantic progression for the final photograph (3b). This was because it made sense that he practiced in the room shown in Photograph 3b in order to enjoy play in the band as shown in Photograph 3a. I was pleased that I managed to capture the colours and atmosphere of the scene in Photograph 3a, which would appear vibrant also in the final photograph (3b).

Photograph 3a - The photograph within photograph 3b
There were several technical elements of the final photograph (3b) I thought worked particularly well, namely the balance of light and dark, the manner in which everything inside the practice room inclined to the centre where my subject was standing and the way the guitars all were standing upwards (including the one he was holding).

   I also felt the only bit of colour in the photograph (the photograph within the photograph - 3a) was well-positioned and the fact it was covering most of the amplifier made it 'fit in' more. Semantically, it also made sense - the guitar and amplifier implied music; something which can prompt daydreaming. Therefore, a visual representation of his daydream was present coming out of the amplifier.

   Again, I waited for his smile to recede slightly before taking the shot, thereby showing a more natural facial expression.

Photograph 3b - the final photograph

   Overall, I felt this was one of the stronger images I produced for this assignment. This was due to the photograph within the photograph being placed so creatively and also the diagonal lines of perspective from the different objects in the room converging in on my subject.

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