Saturday, 19 April 2014

Assignment 5: Daydreaming While at Work - Photograph 7

For the photograph-within-a-photograph (7a), I decided and agreed with my subject a typical situation, where she would be not working. This would be relaxing in her garden, reading a newspaper. This was a reflection on her busy lifestyle, where even while relaxing, she would usually be doing something proactive.
Photograph 7a - the photograph within Photograph 7b

   I thought I captured this accurately with Photograph 7a, particularly the natural expression on her face and with her feet up.

   For the final photograph 7b, I managed to capture what I thought was a telling expression on my subject's face; showing she was daydreaming. This, coupled with her fingers typing (indicating she was working) and the spatial positioning of Photograph 7a, made for an alluring scene in my opinion. The scene itself was quite busy but I rearranged some of the clutter in the foreground. I also placed Photograph 7a deliberately in front of an open file folder, which made for what I felt was a more cohesive composition. I thought I still retained a faithful rendition of her workplace though.

Photograph 7b
   Lastly, the lighting in the room for Photograph 7b was all from a window, in the direction to which she was looking; adding an extra, natural feel.

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