Sunday, 20 April 2014

Assignment 5: Daydreaming While at Work - Photograph 9

Photograph 9a - the photograph within Photograph 9b
My subject for photographs 9a and 9b was quite an adventurous character so I agreed with her to visit a park. It was to our surprise (and my quiet delight) that a tree which had fallen down had been creatively used to make some objects out of the remaining wood. These included a wigwam (in the immediate background of Photograph 9a) and also some cut parts of the trunk to stand on. I asked my subject to stand on one of these. I felt it was possible to see by the expression on her face that she was enjoying herself, which was ideal for the pre-shot (9a). This was because it was a good representation in my opinion of how she would typically spend her free time.

   With regards to the final Photograph 9b, as she was studying - similar to my subject in Photograph 8, I chose a library setting to reflect this. This time, in comparison to Photograph 8b, I asked my subject to hold a separate book to show she was studying. Then I asked her to look 'past' the photograph-within-the-photograph (9a), which was placed against one of the book shelves. This was so a connection could be made between Photograph 9a, her wistful, slightly sombre facial expression and the book she was holding. This last feature's connection was made more obvious by the pose I had asked her to stand in: with an elbow leaning on one of the book shelves. I thought this made Photograph 9b as a whole work well and be more 'together' compositionally.

Photograph 9b

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