Sunday, 20 April 2014

Workflow for Assignment 5 - Daydreaming While at Work

My workflow for the fifth assignment: Daydreaming While at Work, consisted of the following steps:

  • Once the subjects had agreed to participating in the project, to arrange and take a shot of the person doing something they'd ideally be doing.
  • Print this shot (which would serve as the photograph within the final photograph) at a fairly large size - A3.
  • Place the photograph within the photograph in the work-environment scene - over another flat surface if possible.
  • Arrange the composition and any additional lighting or tripod placement and ask the subject to think of what they would be daydreaming of.
  • Take the final photograph amidst quite a few shots (which I could choose from later) and check them on the camera LCD screen for focus/exposure.
  • Open the RAW files on the computer and evaluate which photograph worked 'best' in representing 'daydreaming while at work'.
  • Open the picked RAW file as a 'Smart Object' in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Carry out basic adjustments like enabling profile corrections and any necessary cropping/sharpening/noise reduction in Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Make a new 'smart object via copy' under the 'Layer' menu. This would enable me to mask out the black and white for the picture within the picture and then adjust the colour/contrast for the picture within the picture layer independently later.
  • Convert the top of the two 'Smart Object' layers into black and white and carefully adjust the colour channels until I achieve a balanced image with regards to the person and the rest of the scene. This was mainly raising the orange levels (skin colour) and sometimes lowering the blue/green levels.
  • Create a layer mask on the top (black and white) layer.
  • Paint in black on the layer mask over the desired area (the picture in picture), until only that part of the whole image was in colour.
  • Repeat this process for all other photographs apart from Photograph 10.
  • The workflow for the final photograph (Photograph 10) is present here.

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