Friday, 18 April 2014

Assignment 5: Daydreaming While at Work - Photograph 5

I felt Photograph 5a gave the viewer  a good insight into my subject's ideal hobby. The gentle lighting made Photograph 5a appear 'daydream-like' as well. The colours were mostly close to pastel quality too; further enhancing this feel of the photograph.

Photograph 5a - The photograph within Photograph 5b
   The Final Photograph (5b) was a shot I was very pleased with - for two complementary reasons. Firstly, I thought it was very creative; having the photograph within the photograph wrapped around the barrel in the brewery setting. Secondly, I thought my subject had just the right facial expression for this specific project - it was very wistful and the pose helped too. Together the facial expression and pose led the eye from the barrels she was leaning on to the foreground barrel, where her photograph within a photograph was wrapped around the front.


Final Photograph 5b

   Another nice feature of the photograph was the inclusion of a separate worker at the brewery in the frame too. Without him the scene would have seemed a bit empty and less like a working environment. I liked the way both their poses complemented each other and the natural triangle created by the roof's perspective converging in on the activity below. This activity actually took the shape of another triangle beneath the roof triangle, which led the eye to the photograph-within-the-photograph. Then there was a little detail, where the stripes on the main subject's clothing coincided with the stripes on the barrel, which worked well in black and white. Therefore I was really pleased with the compositional element of this photograph.

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